Below  is  the achive of talks from 2013 - 2018  from the Equipped! women ministry conferences. 

Gender Matters Conference Booklet

The Gender Revolution

Karen Soole  Equipped! 2018  Talk 1

What does the Bible teach about gender?

Karen Soole  Equipped! 2018  Talk 2

The Identity That Matters

Karen Soole  Equipped! 2018  Talk 3

Womens ministry one to one

Flick Carswell  Equipped! 2017

Beginning a women ministry fron scratch

Geralidine Freeman  Equipped! 2017

Reaching Women in a Feminist Age

Karen Soole   Equipped! 2017

4. Oh no, not her again!

Ben Cooper   Equipped! 2015

Practical Complementarianism Q&A

Ben Cooper   Equipped! 2015   

2. Gender partnership in the mission of the church

Ben Cooper   Equipped! 2015

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